Your confidentiality is very important to me. I will not talk to anyone else about you, and what you tell me will remain between us. My aim is to create a safe and trusting place where you can talk about and explore the issues in your life.

There are two exceptions to this confidentiality; if I think you may be about to seriously hurt yourself or someone else, then I may want to talk to someone else about that. I will do my best to talk to you about it first, and get your agreement.

The other exception is that every counsellor has a supervisor, who provides support and who monitors the work being done to ensure it meets a good standard. I will discuss our meetings with my supervisor, but they will not have your name or your contact details.

I will collect some contact details from you, such as your address, phone number and email address, and these will be kept safe and never disclosed to anyone else.

I will occasionally take notes of our sessions and these will be kept confidentially. You can see these notes at any time, but if you would prefer me not to keep any records then please let me know.

Please do ask if at any time you have any questions about the above. I abide by my professional organisation, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, which you can access on